Eating My Way Around South America


I live for truly magical moments in the kitchen. Mr. Wizard’s World, Abracadabra-type stuff. Like the first time I discovered that if you slice shitake mushrooms very thin, coat them with some olive oil and salt, then roast them in the oven for a few minutes, they turn into bacon. Okay, not real bacon but something very close. I dare you to try and come back and tell me otherwise. Or the first time I deglazed a pan and watched all the browned bits automatically clean themselves up and transform into something so deeply flavorful, it made me almost weep.


WHAT TO DRINK: Chicha de Jora (not to be confused with the non-fermented, sweet, purple-corn drink Chica Morado)

WHERE TO DRINK IT: In the Peruvian Andes; especially in and around the Sacred Valley

*Note: There are many countries within Central and South America that make different versions of Chicha but here I will just talk about the Peruvian way
Corn lovers rejoice! Beer lovers too! Did you know you can make beer from corn? Well, you most certainly can and if you are planning to be in Peru anytime in the future, you can’t miss trying this ancient, classic beverage.

  WHAT TO EAT:  SOPAIPILLA WHERE TO EAT IT: EVERYWHERE IN CHILE; OUTSIDE OF BUS STATIONS OFTEN HAVE SOME OF THE BEST One of the things I love most about tasting different foods in other countries is trying the street food.  Who doesn’t love some good street food? Just look at the boom of food trucks all over the world.  They stemmed from simple kiosks with vendors selling small, portable, tasty morsels.  They… Read More