Eating My Way Around South America



WHERE TO EAT IT: In Chile but Valparaiso has the best version I’ve tasted

I guess you could say that I’m loco for locos! Crazy for crazy?! Huh? What does that even mean? Have I lost my mind? Well, no not yet. I’m talking about locos, a type of shellfish that you can find in Chile. One of my favorite things about Chilean food is the fresh seafood.

  WHAT TO EAT:  SOPAIPILLA WHERE TO EAT IT: EVERYWHERE IN CHILE; OUTSIDE OF BUS STATIONS OFTEN HAVE SOME OF THE BEST One of the things I love most about tasting different foods in other countries is trying the street food.  Who doesn’t love some good street food? Just look at the boom of food trucks all over the world.  They stemmed from simple kiosks with vendors selling small, portable, tasty morsels.  They… Read More