Hi! I’m Joanna Marracelli and that’s my boyfriend and photograher, Laurent Lhomond. I’m a culinary-school trained cook and traveler who is passionate about anything to do with food.  For the past 2 years, we’ve been traveling all over the continent of South America, literally eating our way around. I packed up my life back in NY, quit my job as a registered nurse and have been traveling and eating this continent ever since. My favorite thing to do while traveling is to discover the traditional and regional foods from each country and write about them.  Laurent takes all the stunning photos. From ceviche in Peru to asado in Argentina, we have tried it all and the other stuff in between that maybe you haven’t heard of yet!

We are currently working on a book incorporating the foods and the cultures of each country we have visited.  We started our blog infusedexposures to document our travels and now I decided to write a separate blog which will focus solely on the food. Essentially, what we ate and where we ate it.

My inspiration came from the many people I have met while traveling who didn’t know what the regional foods were or where to go to sample them.   It’s my hope to give readers suggestions on which foods to try and where is the best place to get them.  I want to take it even a step further and give you recipes, when possible, to make these foods in your own home!

If you thought foods from this part of the world were uninspired or just rice and beans, then stay with me because I have a lot to share with you! I’m making it my mission to let people know the diversity of the foods are as varied and healthy as the culture and the landscape. Whether you are going to be traveling to the continent or just interested in new foods from other countries, come along with me to discover the bounty contained on this continent!

To navigate the website and find the posts you want, click on either the ‘What to Eat’ (sorted by category-for example, vegetarian, gluten-free, chicken or street foods) or ‘Where to Eat it’ (sorted by country) tab located on the upper right of the screen.  Buen provecho!

Please feel free to email me at: joannamarracelli@gmail.com


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